The Cornea of the Eye or Cornea in Eye or Corneal Ulcers

The Cornea of the eye – Cornea in Eye

What is the cornea of the eye – The cornea of the eye is an important outer part of the eye, which is completely clear and completely transparent like glass. It is the eye is attached to the dark part of the eye. Just as there is a mirror on the clock, in the same way the cornea is placed on the black part of the eye. The structure of the cornea in the eye is as follows –

  1. Its shape is domed.
  2. It is like a convex mirror.
  3. Its thickness is 1.2 mm but it is thinner in the middle.
  4. It has four surfaces.
  5. This nun is vascular.
  6. Its degree of curvature varies from person to person.
  7. The curvature of it depends on the intraocular pressure of the eye.
  8. The cornea is the eye shield.
  9. The ray of light enters the eye only through the cornea.
  10. The beam of light that enters the eye helps to focus it on the retina.

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Corneal Disease – Corneal Eye

The corneal disease of the eye – The following corneal disease of the eye occur –

  • Nebula – A slight clear circular opacity is called a nebula.
  • Corneal Opacity – Due to the excessive amount of opaque cornea, blurring becomes more and the object is not seen well. This is called Corneal Opacity.
  • Keratitis – corneal Inflammation – corneal Inflammation of the eye is called Keratitis. Due to this, the patient can see less. It is mainly of the following types.

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  • Actinic Keratitis – In this type, the cornea reacts to a ray of ultraviolet light and due to which the cornea becomes inflamed.
  • Deep Punctate Keratitis – In this keratitis it becomes inflamed due to syphilis bacteria.
  • Herpetic Keratitis – In this type the cornea of the eye becomes ulcerated or inflamed due to the herpes virus.
  • Interstitial Keratitis – In this Keratitis, the cornea of the eye becomes hazier by becoming older, darker.
  • Keratitis Bulbosa – In it blister forms on it, the inflammation formed from.
  • Neurotrophic Keratitis – Persistent corneal inflammation that occurs after Corneal Anesthesia
  • Xerotic Keratitis – In this type of keratitis, Inflammation of it caused by drying of the conjunctiva.

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Symptoms of corneal disease

  • Blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Hate from light
  • Redness of the eye

Prevention and treatment of corneal disease

  • Consuming a Balance diet that is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C
  • Put some good eye drops which are antiviral and anti-bacterial

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