Double Vision | Diplopia Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

What is Double Vision (Diplopia)

What is double vision or diplopia – When a person sees one object with his eyes and he sees that object two things and when the same person sees that object with one eye, then he If only one object is visible then it is called double vision or diplopia. Generally, when a person looks at one object, he sees only one object, which means that he does not have the disease of diplopia, but if one object sees two objects, then it means that He has a disease of diplopia.

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Causes for Double vision (Diplopia)

Let us know that the reason for double vision is that both the eyes do not form the image of the object at the same point. Both the eyes of a person focus on different points, so the person sees one object as like two objects. Now the question arises that why both the eyes of a person do not focus on one point. The reason for this is that the coordination of the movement of both the eyes of the person is not correct. Following is the reason for this movement coordination defect of the person’s eye.

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  • Due to disturbances in the nerve of the brain
  • nerve disease caused by diabetes
  • spinal cord disorder
  • swelling of the eye
  • having an aneurysm
  • a tumour

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There is some special nerve of a person’s brain, due to disturbances in it, double vision disease occurs –

  • It is caused by partial paralysis of the trochlear nerve. If one object is visible even by looking down, then the reason for this is also the trochlear nerve.
  • It is also caused due to paralysis of the abducens nerve. Not moving the pupil of the eye outwards from the middle may be due to a disturbance of the abducens nerve.

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Symptoms of double vision or diplopia

The symptom of diplopia is seeing one object as like two objects.

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