What is Conjunctivitis, Conjunctivitis- Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Conjunctivitis – This disease is a common disease that occurs in the eye. Often it is more common in children and less in older people. Conjunctivitis disease is an infectious disease, that is, this disease is a disease spread by infection.

What is conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis is an eye disease. In this disease, the eye becomes very red and along with burning, pain in the eye, itching also starts. Mud and water also fall from the eyes. There is also swelling in the entire eye. In this way, this disease is a very painful disease and the patient remains in a lot of trouble.

Let us know in which part of the eye this disease occurs. According to the structure of our eye, a part of the eye is the conjunctiva, this disease is a disease occurring in this part of the eye. According to the structure of the eye, the conjunctiva is a transparent membrane located in the sclera and inner part of the eyelid. The same transparent membrane becomes swollen. If you look closely at that swelling, it appears that the blood is filled in the microscopic blood vessels of the membrane.

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Causes of Conjunctivitis

Causes of conjunctivitis – This disease mainly occurs due to the following reasons.


(i) Bacterial infection
(ii) viral infection
(iii) Allergies
(iv) Due to the malfunction of the internal organ

What are the symptoms of conjunctivitis?

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis – The symptoms of this disease depend on its cause. I mean that if patients have different reasons for getting it, then their symptoms are also different. All the symptoms are described below –

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Symptoms of bacterial infection

  1. When the patient wakes up, he realizes that all of a sudden his eyes are stuck. There is a sticky thick yellow discharge coming out of them. At night, this discharge dries up and becomes a crust and sticks to the eyelids.
  2. eyes turn red
  3. itchy eyes

Symptoms of viral infection

  1. red eyes
  2. get something in the eye
  3. sore throat
  4. eye irritation
  5. watery eyes
  6. swelling of the lymph gland in front of the ear

Symptoms of an allergic infection

  1. watery nose and eyes
  2. Red eyes and swollen eyes
  3. itchy eyes
  4. watery discharge

Symptoms of infection caused by malfunctioning of internal organs

  1. Symptoms of infection affected by heart disease – In this, only the outer and inner corner of the eye remains red.
  2. A lung infection – In this the entire white sclera of the eye is red.
  3. Symptoms of liver infection – In this the whole eye is red. Along with this there is swelling in the eye, watery eyes, hatred of light and pain.
  4. Symptoms of infection affected by the urogenital organ – In this let me tell you that if you are getting it again and again, then it is affected by any of the bladder, prostate, uterus, ovary.

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Types of Conjunctivitis

It is of two types

(i) Acute Conjunctivitis (ii) Chronic Conjunctivitis

Symptoms of Acute Conjunctivitis

  1. Eye congestion, swelling and pain
  2. head ache
  3. fever
  4. superficial rapid pulse

Symptoms of Chronic Conjunctivitis

  1. pain and redness of the eyes
  2. photophobia

Prevention of Conjunctivitis

  • Wash your hands frequently to avoid spreading the infection.
  • Change the patient’s towel, handkerchief, bedsheet, pillowcase every day and clean it daily with warm water.
  • Do not use cosmetics.

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