Motiyabind Cure Centre

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Motiyabind Cure centre is an online eye clinic. All the types of Eye diseases are treated by the doctors of our Clinic but our specialty is for Motiyabind. You can connect with us through whatsapp number.


All the advantages of our online clinic as well as offline clinic are as follow. The most popular facility of our online clinic is postal courier.

Postal Courier

The most patient friendly advantage of our clinic is Postal Courier. After the payout of Doctor's fee, medicine cost as well as Postal Courier cost then the medicine of patients will be send.

Video Call

One of the advantage of our clinic is video call. You can contact us through our mobile phone number as well as Whatsapp number. If we are unavailable, you can mail us on email id.


You can pay us through Google pay, Paytm, Phone pay as well as Bank transfer. When i got payment, we send your medicine through postal courier. Send us a message after pay payment.

Homeopathic Medicine

One of the advantage of our clinic is Homeopathic Medicine. Homeopathic Medicine is batter than others in the view of side effects.


One of the advantage of our clinic is consultation. You can connect with our doctor and get the consultation for your diseases.

What People Say About Us

Rashik lal Ray

I am Suffering from motiyabind in my left eye since last 18 months. I feel better and my motiyabind is about to completely cure. The treatment of cataract by Motiyabind Cure Centre is best and affordable.

Ram Prasad Ray

I am Suffering from cataract since 5 years. Now, I am completely cure from motiyabind with the using of homeopathic medicine of Motiyabind Cure Centre. Thanks so much Motiyabind Cure Centre.

Vijay Shah

I am patient of conjunctivitis disease. I am from Samastipur, Bihar and had go to the offline clinic of Motiyabind cure centre. Now, I am healthy within four weeks. Now my conjunctivitis is cure.

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